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What Our Customers Say

The quality is decent. Good for self defence if it is legal where you live. Just be careful, this could easily kill someone if you hit them to hard in the head with it.
John H.
Best sword i got from here got it a year ago, nice and heavy, the damacus is beautiful, just an all out wonderful sword definitely recommend it
Keith Allver
Very good value. Looks as described, sturdy construction and beautiful design. Overall, I am glad I bought this sword. Recommend.
I am so happy! To come home to package next to my door gave me pure joy and to unbox it and see just how beautiful it came out to be,I love it!
AWESOME!!! This is a really-real sword. It feels so sturdy and well made. I've bought a few swords and this one is by far the best.
Xavier Gallegos
I was very pleased and surprised when I received this. The weight is perfect, great handle for gripping and it looks great. The detail is much better than the picture shows...I highly recommend this.
Absolutely perfect! My son was overjoyed with this sword! We used it for his induction into manhood. Thank you very much. It will be cherished and cared for for years to come!
great knife one of the best i own. i use this one or personal defence and its easy to learn how to use it. its super sharp and very strong.
This sword was an awesom medieval beast I sliced a two watermelons in one slice I love the scabbard I brought it in to the wood and cut up some branches It was the most fun ever :)
Philip Fear
I did not read the description properly and it is a lot bigger than i was expecting! its a very large sword with a lot of power! i highly recommend!
Jake Pileggi
The handle is nice even though its plastic it feels so good in my hand plus its pretty sharp its super light this sword is wonderful
Gregory Willis
Real sword 100% cuts up anything I put in front of it. Keep it by the front door in case I need to chop up home invaders. Love this sword. Great value
Sean Corrie
Nice replica of a sword. Not flimsy at all and has a good weight to it. Finish was not scratched in any places and blade had a shiny finish as well (not sharpened though).
I can not say any thing but wow love it I am so ready for the zombie invasion I love SURVIVAL and this is the thing i need to survive get it.
i found this item to be quite nice and built quite well. it is not as sharp as I thought it would be but it is still of great quality. I would buy it again.
Ben Miller
This Chinese War Sword is a great buy. The only complaint is it could be sharper,but that's easily taken care of with minimal effort. I am very pleased with this product.
Jeffrey Correa
Shipped at the exact deadline, blade was pretty sharp and it all came in lovely packaging. Good weight and well made. More solid than I expected. It cuts well too, well worth the price.
Michael Compton
This was a gift for the man in my life and he absolutely loved it!Very pleased with this purchase, it's on display and looks awesome.
Ginellie G.
A very excellent knife, I'd recommend this to any fanatic who loves both knives and the reaper. Amazing detail with the graphics and really sharp.
These are some great blades. They came sharp but i did sharpen them a bit more. These are my second purchase from the site and it wont be the last!
Nick Benson
Great quality. Nice feel! A nicely balanced sword with razor sharp edge. The weight and construction are pretty solid. Nice!
Isadore Davis
This sword just arrived on my door today and I really love it! It came to me very sharp and ready to cut something with it this weekend.
Joel Haas
The sword arrived much sooner than expected. Everything is VERY well made. The wood on the sheath and handle are very smooth and varnished. The handle is double-pegged. The blade is nice and sharp upon arrival, no sharpening necessary.
Craig Vicknair
It is very impressive! The Beam is much more intense than I would have imagined.It is all it says it is. Very Happy with it.
Got this for my mans and it cuts through watermelons and pineapples real nice not sure if it works for any other fruit besides just those fruits but if they do let me know
Skylar Yatteau
I got this in the mail the other day and it is one sharp blade. Very fun. Great for protection and when the time comes where you need to protect yourself, you will be prepared
Jalen A
I just got this on Friday after work, this sword is beautiful. The weight is quite nice, and feels strong in the hand. I would reccomend this to anyone who want form as well as function. I love this piece, a great addition to my collection.
Kristina Grier
Definitely 5 stars. Not really heavy but great to work with. Nylon sheath, but it's nice and fits well. This is a keeper.
Max Honermeier
A great sword!!!! I'm amazed at quality of this sword, it is well made and carries a sharp edge. I'm very happy about this purchase.
Mr Bump
This is a great sword! My husband absolutely loves it! It is very well made and is very durable. It is definitely worth the price!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you accept returns?

For our stock items, We do offer return, and refund of up to 14 days from the day you received it. Buyer must pay for return shipping and original shipping price is non-refundable. items must be returned in the original condition as before shipment (If your customer have damaged the blade by trying to cut metal, iron or sparring, we will not accept it) 

We will not accept returns due to customs fees or country regulations, please find out about custom fee charges and country regulations before purchasing our swords products. 

If the buyer refuses to sign and receive the package, The refunds will not be given. 

A refund will not be given for custom made swords. as those are constructed personally for you.

What is the delivery time?

Once your item is ready, we will ship it to you with SF-Express or USPS. Usually, the delivery time is between 7-14 business days. however sometimes it is delayed by the customs department, We will provide you with tracking number information so you can track it once it was shipped.

If it is your personalized custom order, usually the production time will be extended to 30-60 days, which will be based on the difficulty of your order process.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we can ship to the world, but please check whether the laws in your customer country permit the possession of sword products. We do not pay customs fees, so please double check customs fees in your country first.

How do I find out if my order has been shipped?

If we have an email address on file, you will receive order confirmations and shipping confirmations, including tracking information if shipped via a trackable method. If not, you can contact our customer service team via email or live chat to check the status of your order.

Where do you made and ship from?

Most orders ship from Mainland, China

Does DynastySwords have a quality control department?

Yes, we takes Quality Control very seriously. Quality Control department will help of our Fulfillment Center to double check our remaining stock and future inventory meet our quality standards.


What about international brokerage fees and import taxes?

For International orders, we are only calculating and charging the customer for the shipping cost. Any brokerage fees that are imposed by the carrier such as DHL or UPS and any import fees imposed by the customer's country or customs department are the responsibility of the customer and you will be contacted directly by your postal service/customs department for Postal Mail orders, or by DHL/UPS for those carriers, for payment of any brokerage/import fees.

Why was my package undeliverable?

Our carriers may deem a package undeliverable for one of the following reasons:

Incorrect Address. If the address is incorrect or outdated, the package is typically returned to DynastySwords warehouse by the carrier or the unintended recipient. Please double-check your address carefully when placing a new order.

  1. Illegible Shipping Label. In rare cases, it is possible that the address label became illegible during the shipping and handling process.
  2. Failed Delivery Attempts. Most of our carriers make three attempts to deliver a package. If after three attempts the carrier determines that the package is undeliverable, the package will be returned to TrueKatana warehouse.
  3. Refused by Recipient. If the recipient of the package refuses delivery, the package will be returned to DynastySwords warehouse and determined undeliverable.

Will I receive your call or email?

No calls will be made. If there is a problem with our order, the phone number will only contact you. offers email promotions for special discounts. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you can contact our Customer Service Department and we can block your email address from receiving email promotions.

How long does it take for a custom sword?

For our standard length of sword from shop stock normally it takes between 3-7 business days to prepare. for our custom orders, it takes longer and depends on the amount of modifications required from us. (it can take 30-60 days normally)

If you ordered a unique blade length, it will take longer, as we need to construct the blade.

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DynastySwords established and based on California. All our Chinese swords are designed and handmade in our China sword-city workshop with 13 craftsmen masters.

We have more than 7 years of sales history and more than 40,000 swords sold in the United States.

DynastySwords provides you with stable and reasonably priced Chinese swords, Chinese Sabre & Broadsword, Martial Arts Equipments and more. These products will be the best choice for your collection or gifts to your friends.